Aki Kumar's "Zindagi" is out on Little Village Music!


      Zindagi (fyi, pronounced zin-duh-gee) means life. And it starts like this: Walk with the dreams that lie in your heart/ Don't look back, keep moving forward./ When your desires whisper a melody / Become the voice of that song. 

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"Dilruba" FULL ALBUM is out on Sony Music

Call it Bollywood Blues. Call it Retro Rock n Roll with a delightful "desi" twist. Bombay Bluesman Aki Kumar's debut Sony Music album "Dilruba" is here to entertain and will have you singing along in no time! An eclectic mix…

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Aki Kumar signs with Sony Music India!


.I've officially signed with SONY MUSIC INDIA for my next album!

Sony just launched my debut Hindi Rock n Roll single Dilruba worldwide across multiple channels! Please enjoy Dilruba on Sony's official Youtube channel…

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